Who the Hell Is Juan Pablo Montoya?

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November 29, 2017

“Honestly, you feel like you’re being chased or you’re chasing somebody that stole your life and you need to get it back. You’re driving the wheels out of it and in the meantime, people are getting in the way and you’re bouncing into people. It’s pretty cool.”

JPM Quotes IMSA Test Nov 2107

Petit Le Mans:  "It was a good day overall. I made some mistakes out there, but we knew going in that we were going to make some mistakes. That is what we ran this race for in the first place. We had the pace to finish second for sure. I made a mistake trying to pass a car and it put us a little behind. We fell behind, but we were able to come back. We just didn't have enough time at the end of the race. But it was a lot of fun out there.  These races are just crazy. I'm excited for next year. I wish we could start tomorrow."

JPM’s quotes Petit Le Mans