JPM & Car 6 Crowned 2019 Champions!

By October 14, 2019 March 25th, 2020 News

“It was so freakin’ stressful!” he said. “Before I got in the car (for the last stint), they came to me and said, ‘Remember, it’s eighth place that we need to finish and we’ve got nearly 10 minutes’ advantage. Don’t screw it up.’ I’m like, ‘OK.’

“It’s hard because some laps you start pushing and you’re really comfortable pushing, but you know that by pushing you can get it completely wrong (and make a mistake),” Montoya added. “And then you back off and you start making mistakes and you go, ‘Oh, I need to go back to pushing, but don’t push too hard. Oh, this was really easy, I can do it quicker. No, don’t try it!’”


2018 WeatherTech Night of Champions