“I think it’s great, I think it’s fun, When you join Team Penske when you come to this program and with Acura, they expect this. It’s great that we won it, but if we didn’t, they’d be disappointed. As hard as everyone works in the program, and how well we prepare the cars and how everything is done, it’s great. You’re so proud of the guys. They are so pumped.”

JPM quotes on the championship win

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to experience Le Mans and I’m looking forward to joining United Autosports after they had such a strong finish at Le Mans last year. I’ve always watched the race so I’m very happy to finally be part of it. Hopefully we can have a shot at a win.”

JPM Comments Le Mans announcement

“Last year in Miami was my first experience of the Race Of Champions and now I’m happy to be back. This is my first time in Saudi Arabia and it’s a great experience for all of us to be in this country. It’s always fun to meet new people and everyone has been very welcoming. We also get to meet different drivers from all over the world and it’s great to have a chance to spend time together away from the track. This circuit is very different to the Miami one, with the crossover bridge and a lot of big corners, so it should be a lot of fun.”

JPM quotes on ROC day 1

"You can hustle the hell out of it. The car really rewards driving hard and pushing it. For me, that's unbelievable. Nowadays, most of the racecars you've got to sissy them around and be nice and just drive them on 80 or 90 percent because if you drive them too hard, the tires go. And this Acura, honestly, the more you ask for it, the more will give you. It's unbelievable."

Test Dec 04 2018

“Honestly, you feel like you’re being chased or you’re chasing somebody that stole your life and you need to get it back. You’re driving the wheels out of it and in the meantime, people are getting in the way and you’re bouncing into people. It’s pretty cool.”

JPM Quotes IMSA Test Nov 2107

Petit Le Mans:  "It was a good day overall. I made some mistakes out there, but we knew going in that we were going to make some mistakes. That is what we ran this race for in the first place. We had the pace to finish second for sure. I made a mistake trying to pass a car and it put us a little behind. We fell behind, but we were able to come back. We just didn't have enough time at the end of the race. But it was a lot of fun out there.  These races are just crazy. I'm excited for next year. I wish we could start tomorrow."

JPM’s quotes Petit Le Mans

“I have really enjoyed working with Roger and Team Penske over the last four years,” said Montoya. “When Roger asked if I’d like to be part of starting this new sports car operation with Acura, it was an easy decision. I’ve always loved racing sports cars. It’s definitely a challenge and it’s going to be a lot of fun to develop a new car with Acura. I’m excited to start the testing of the ARX-05 next week. Team Penske started its winning tradition in sports cars and it’s going to be cool to be a part of a new chapter with the team.”

Acura ARX-05 Announcement

Aero Kit Indicar Testing. “To be chosen as one of the guys to test it is exciting,” Montoya said. “It works out really well. Since I’m not running full-time this year, it was a good fit.”

Aero Kit Indy Testing

"Our Fitzgerald Glider Kits Chevy was good. We had a problem there in the beginning when we ran out of gas in Turn 3. We should have had another half-gallon in the car. It put is in a tough position because we lost a lot of positions there. From there to come back to where we finished was great. We ran 12th or 13th most of the day and then the car was really good at the end of the race. The balance just wasn't there. Then I told the guys on the last stop, let's take swing and we did and the car came to life. I would have liked to have had some more laps at the end."

JPM Quotes on 6th place Indy 500

Day 1 Qualy: "The Fitzgerald Glider Kits Chevrolet felt really good. It's just that going second wasn't the best spot in the world after the rain. We felt a little like a guinea pig. It is what it is. The car is balanced and should be really good in the race and that's the most important thing of all. We just need to get as far up the line as we can tomorrow and then see what the race brings."

Indy 500- Qualy Day 1 Quotes